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Odessa R-VII

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Emergency Procedures Are in Place

The Odessa R-VII School District is prepared to respond effectively should an emergency or disaster situation arise while school is in session. While we hope that a serious incident never occurs, our goal is to be prepared for any potential emergency.

At all times, our first priority is to protect all students and staff from harm. School personnel will care for your child if a disaster occurs during school hours. Our district has a detailed disaster plan, which has been formulated to respond to major emergencies. In an emergency, we need your cooperation to help protect the safety and welfare of all children and school employees.

  1. In an emergency, we request that you not come to the school. It may be necessary to keep the streets and parking lots clear for emergency vehicles.
  2. If the emergency or disaster harms students or staff, we will broadcast emergency announcements and status reports as well as instructions on where you should go, and how and when you may be able to pick up your child. Tune your radio and televisions to the same stations you would listen to or watch when seeking weather dismissal information. The Emergency Awareness section on the R-VII website will also be regularly updated to keep you informed of the current situation.
  3. If the Odessa R-VII School District receives a bomb threat, we will relocate students. We will alternate locations to which we relocate them, and we will not announce these locations ahead of time to deter any perpetrators from planting explosive devices at alternate locations.
  4. We will not release students to anyone in route to the alternate location. If we did, we would be unable to account for the location of all of our students.
  5. Once students reach the alternate location, they will stay there for the remainder of the school day, because we cannot risk transporting a child to an empty home, and it would be impossible for us to contact all parents.
  6. Students at the alternate locations will be released only to parents and persons identified on the School District Emergency Card.
  7. For a bomb threat, we will not broadcast information on the radio or television. Experts say broadcasting such information encourages repeat and copycat behavior. If an explosive device is found, however, we will notify the public.
  8. If school is to be canceled for the next day, we will announce the cancellation via radio, television and the R-VII Web site. If you hear no announcement of a cancellation, you will know that all buildings have been searched by trained personnel, and that they have given us an "all clear" to conduct classes and activities according to our regular schedule. We will not occupy buildings until professionals clear them. Please assure your child we will take these steps. After an incident of this nature occurs, we will send a letter the next day explaining it to the best of our knowledge.

Planning ahead will help alleviate concern during an emergency situation. We are proud that Odessa R-VII is a safe school district, and we are doing everything possible to keep it that way.


In the event emergency procedures are put into place, we will keep you updated with important information at this site. If you have any questions, please call Dr. Roger Feagan, Assistant Superintendent, at 816-633-5316.