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by Valarie Stark


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Readworks Testprep-math Habitats McGraw Hill Time links SMART Exchange
Testprep-Com.Arts  Math Trainer Feed Me continent names IXL
Main Idea-Big Idea Money Chain Reaction continent game webquest.org
Writing Fun Third grade ABCya Web of Life continent game2 STUDY ISLAND
writing prompts piggy bank Herman the Worm U.S. State Location Beacon learning center
Literary Doodle cash out



U.S. States smartboard templates
Story mapping cash register



Place the State jeopardy review
antonyms Beekman's Ice cream curious kids symbols of America BBC Bitesize
synonyms E-Lab  Habitat Match What's the point United Streaming
Grammar Park Add money

Classify Critters


Hurkle SMARTboard links
Power Prof-reading subtract money Food chain quiz Veteran's Day  Harvest Games

 sentence game 


Number Sense Food Chain quiz 2



making sentences tic tac math more food chains



 Whitehouse Presidents
look,cover,write,check MATH TRAINER Build your own food web alphabet soupThanksgiving American Presidents
  Subtraction Games Fun with food webs Pilgrim life FactMonster
Cause/effect organizer SUB-fun4brain   Jamestown Kids search tools
Letter Generator Subtract- quarium   NativeAmerican Webquest Internet Library for Kids
between the lions how to - word problem predator hunt Underground Railroad Missouri Biographies
More fairy tales mathball pbs nature City or Country Life Discover - Biography
Sequencing 4 in a row MO Conservation Dept. City of Odessa Thanksgiving
KID's LAB odd/even wormworld chamber of commerce Primary Thanksgiving Games
Inference Battleship Math Playground Butterflies Odessan Kidsheart Thanksgiving 
SPELLING CITY Math playgound games - mult. pacman Earthworks (Animal Reports) Economics DLTK Thanksgiving
study zone - infer multiplication games Plants econedlink Judy Schachner
Inference riddles tic tac toe Forest Page goodsandservices Internet Safety
  2 digit multiplication Plant Mystery want vrs need Disney
  A+ Math Games Leaves - Trees Lemonade Stand1 Kidscom


Multiplication Facts' quiz BBC -Plantsgrow Lemonade Stand more disney safety
  long division parts is parts trading game netsmart
    seed dispersal ice cream adventure Claus.com
  GRAPHS ecokids scholastic vote billy bear Christmas
  Create a Graph How to be a plant webquest Democracy Project North pole
  Bar Graph MATTER life in White House Christmas cards
Probability Fractions matter movie Get Media Smart Tall Tales
  fractions strange matter Coffee Shop American folk lore
Fish Tank cool math fractions states of matter Shodor Interactive tall tales game
Probability Fair who wants pizza States of Matter Millionaire Virtual manipulatives Pecos Bill
Quiz kid's fractions mechanical madness   Conflict Resolution
Balloon Bonanza bowl for fractions Simple Machines/force/motion


Out on a Limb
  cross river Dirtmeister erosion coordinate aliens It's my life
ESTIMATION fraction pie river explore What's the point kids against bullying
sea shell rounding

Melvin's Fraction Potion

kidsgeo Shodor coordinates

MAP Resources

matching - hundreds  equivalent fraction number line  Universe    
rounding games fraction number line Space Place   ST. PATRICK'S DAY
online math learning   As the Earth turns   Find the difference
 mathnook - rounding TIME Hunt for Day and Night   Puzzle
  bang on time Day/Night World Watch   Snake Alert
  Match clocks shadows2   Shamrock switch
  what time will be? Moon   Turn Green


Clock Works virtual planetarium    
 ounces to pounds Stop the Clock Wonderville Moon phase    Presidental Reports
 Best Measurement Telling time Pick a moon phase    
 inches to feet Geometry Shadows Ethemes    
 Measure in grams polygons Mystery of the Sun    
 cm and meters polygon quiz Water Cycle    
 Yards to feet translations magnet-revise wise    
 Sleuths on the loose flips,slides,turns Why files    
 Measures game video on Area/perimeter Third Grade Science Review    
 Measurement grade 3-6 area or perimeter More Science Review    
  perimeter shodor interactive science    
  3D Factory      
  ladybug leaf      
  IXL perimeter      
   paperclip measurement      
  MATH MAP      
  base ten subtract      
  base ten addition