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Senior Project Page

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Mentors must complete a consent form BEFORE a project is begun (online only):

Mentor Consent Form


After project completion, mentors MUST fill out the following form (online only):
Mentor Grade Form



Senior Project Night Information:

April 19, 2018

Overview of Senior Projects

The Odessa High School Senior Project is a project required for all seniors currently taking LANGUAGE ARTS IV or COLLEGE PREP LANGUAGE ARTS IV. The purpose of the senior projects is to apply student's skills in verbal communication -both writing and speaking-to a project of his or her choosing. Students write proposals of their projects, which then must be approved by a Proposal Committee made up of several teachers.

Projects are required to meet at least one of the following goals:


  1. Social service
  2. Career exploration
  3. Creative endeavor
Each project must also show personal growth that demonstrates that the student has worked toward becoming a more educated, active, and productive member of his or her community. Projects must have a FINAL PRODUCT-tangible evidence of what the student achieved.

There are four main components of the senior project:

1) 8-10 page research paper: Students will complete at least 4 drafts of this paper by peer editing, conferencing with their English teacher, and revising in class. They will research using at least 7 sources and will document their research in MLA format. Papers must be turned in to Turnitin.com's plagiarism checking site to receive credit.

2) Senior project: Students will complete at least three drafts of a project proposal and must receive parental consent, mentor consent, and approval by the committee. They must document at least 25 hours spent OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL TIME (evenings, weekends, and breaks) on the project. They will receive a grade for their project from their project mentor. Mentors must fill out both the MENTOR CONSENT FORM and VERIFICATION OF GRADE form on this website. Students will also complete a project of reflection that shows evidence of a final product.

3) Community presentation: Students will create an 8-10 minute presentation using a PowerPoint as a visual aid. They must practice their presentation in class as well as present it formally for a grade.  Students will display their projects as a group using tri-fold visual aid on Community Night. That same evening, each student presents their PowerPoint presentation to a panel of judges, introducing their project with a letter they have each written to the judges. Students must also be prepared to answer questions about their projects when asked by the judges.

4) Portfolio: Students will document all of their work in a neat, clearly labeled, 3-ring binder that will also be displayed on Community Night. The portfolio consists of all drafts and final work completed throughout the Senior Project.